Feel The Love at Duffner Park City of The Village, OK

The City of The Village, OK is set to open its unique heart shaped Splashpad this summer. The Splashpad features the Super Splash as its central feature and includes a custom bucket with the Love’s logo. Other features include a Bucket Trio, three (3) Spray Loops, Water Tunnel, Sunspray, three (3) Water Cannons, Aqua Dome and numerous other ground sprays.

“The Village started fundraising for the Splashpad about 9 years ago by putting on a Fall Festival for children in our area. Over the last 9 years,  the City managed to raise $45,000 from festival proceeds and from miscellaneous donations.  However, we were a long way off until Love’s Travels Stops helped us to make this become a reality with an $80,000 donation.  We can’t thank Love’s enough for the help in making this exciting project happen. The children will be beneficiaries of this new park and will finally be able to enjoy it starting this summer.”

 Bruce Stone
City Manager
City of The Village, Oklahoma

East Side Park Splashpad, City of Osceola, AR

The Osceola Center for Arts and Heritage (OCAH) partnered with the Osceola Parks and Recreation Department to revitalize Irma Belcher Park in Osceola, AR. As part of the park upgrades, the park will include a Vortex Splashpad which includes 19 ground sprays and 10 above ground features. Features include a misting rainbow, raining Ombrellos, dumping flowers and buckets, water cannons, and the always popular Aqua Dome which creates a water effect similar to shimmering glass. Kids love to manipulate the pattern by placing their hands, body and face in the soft laminar water dome.

To help fund the Splashpad, the City of Osceola received an Arkansas Parks and Tourism Grant, which required a 50 percent match from the City. The Splashpad will be open later this summer.

Red Hill Park, City of Purcell, OK

The City of Purcell, OK is anxiously awaiting completion of their first Splashpad at Red Hill Park. In 2014, The City decided to replace their outdated kiddie pool at the park and thought a Splashpad would be a great option. The 3,400 sq. ft. Splashpad includes 21 ground sprays and 11 above ground features. Features include 3 water cannons, 3 raining Ombrellos, an Aqua Dome, dumping buckets and flowers. The Splashpad contains a Toddler Bay, Family Bay and Action Bay creating fun and exciting play areas for all ages and families. Construction is currently underway and the Splashpad will be open this summer.

Redbud Park, City of Marlow, OK

Construction is complete on the new Splashpad at Redbud Park and the City of Marlow, OK will soon be holding the Grand Opening for their first Splashpad. The 3,700 sq. ft. Splashpad features 12 ground sprays and 10 above ground structures along with several shade structures, tables, and benches. The Splashpad has a water tunnel, water cannons, dumping buckets, an Aqua Dome, an interactive Sunspray, raining Ombrellos, a misting rainbow and a Waterbug for the toddlers.

Thanks to help from the Land and Water Conservation grant, the City only had to pay for half of the project.