Municipal Park Splashpad – City of Seminole, OK

In May 2014, The City of Seminole expanded their existing Splashpad by adding a custom Vortex Elevations multi-level play structure.  In 2007, the original Splashpad was completed at 4,800 sq. ft.  The new expansion added 3,000 sq. ft and an Elevations play structure which includes a water slide, Super Splash dumping bucket, aqua dome, deck geysers, custom water palm trees, waterfalls, spray bars and multiple spray cannons.  The Elevation water structure has been extremely popular and is attracting many families from other cities and towns.

Municipal Park Splashpad

Project Details

Completed: 2014 Play Area: 7,800 ft2
Facility Details: Destination Park Operating System: Re-circulated (WQMS)
Above Ground Features: 12 + Elevation Ground Spray Features: 19
  Expandable Ground Sprays: 2
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